Best Semester Study Abroad

Cross-cultural engagement produces intellectual growth through interactions with people and worldviews that are different from your own! Best Semester programs push you to learn beyond the classroom in experiential learning contexts that increase your understanding of the world and your role in it. Learn more about the programs at

Application Process:  

The process starts here! Get the information you need. Then complete the Online Application located at the end of this page. Once you submit the application, the Global Studies committee will get back to you with a time for an interview.  If approved by the committee you will complete the application through the Best Semester Website.  It may seem like a few extra steps, but the experience for most students is pretty streamlined!

Who can Apply?

Sophomores and Juniors (and some freshmen, depending on credits and program of study) are allowed to apply.  If you are applying for your senior year, you will apply for the fall semester so you can complete your final semester of college back here at Warner. 


The cost is tuition transferable!  Most programs actually cost less than a semester here at Warner (with the exception of the LA Film Program). 

Where can I go?

There are nine locations across the globe! Locations are: