Words by D. A. Rogers

Words are fragile things.

They’re said in the moment.

They live in the moment.

Once heard they fade like echoes.

Once heard they are gone.

But it was words that shaped our world.

Somehow words live anon.

What is it about certain words that resist the ebb of time?

Words that betray their meaning.

Words that live in writing.

The words which inspire us.

The words that are binding.

Those forbidden words shared in careful whispers.

Those joyous words shouted in revelous pride.

The spiteful word with intent to wound,

That are pelted like a stone.

How is it that certain words grow to stand up on their own?

For words outlive the author,

Who now lies forgotten.

No matter how words endure,

They too will be forgotten.

In due time all words return to the silence they first broke.

But who can count the hearts they’ve touched, since they first were spoke?

Tirzah Allen