Thank God for Broken Hearts by Sarah Kudrna

I hope your heart gets broken

Whether from a lover, a friend, a family member, the world around you, or from the depth of your own personhood

I hope you ache

I hope you cry

I hope you find yourself in a hopeless state of rain and clouds and wind that knocks down trees and shatters the windows of the house around you

Because of the next day, when you see the sun

When you feel the rays

When a friend brings you brownies and you watch your favorite show

You will notice, and you will remember

This is joy.

It is so easy to forget what it means to be joyous

It is so easy to look at the sun and be mad at the glare it makes while you’re driving

Or hate the sweat that pools on your back.

But once you have suffered through a hurricane,

You will be so thankful for the brightness that exposes the new cracks in the sidewalk

And nourishes the flowers that will grow there.

I hope your heart is cracked


Broken beyond repair

I hope you crumble and collapse so many times that no amount of duct tape and crazy glue could put you back together

I hope you have holes in places that once were filled.

I hope you take those holes, you look through them, and you see all around you those who are also cracked


Broken beyond repair.

I hope empathy for those people flows through the crevices and cracks

So your heart becomes rivers and streams of compassion that flows out into The Sea of The Hurting

Though it is hard and though it hurts

A broken heart is not one of stone

This means that you can feel

To live a life without heartbreak is to live a life without caring

To know true love, true joy, is to know the agony of when it is gone

To have empathy, one must know what it means to hurt

If you have never hurt, never been broken and crushed to the point where you felt like a nature valley granola bar

Leaving crumbs of yourself everywhere you go

How can you recognize the deep hurt and cracks that are in our world

In the people around us.

If your heart is broken, that means it is open.

So I say with every fiber of my being,

I hope you break,

I hope you never heal,

I hope you remember what it feels like to be broken,

So you are able to recognize it all around you

And maybe, so you can do something about it.

Tirzah Allen