A Journey to Reclaim Your Body by Rachel Lynn Taylor

Recovery is a road you forgot you had ever even walked

It is like remembering the love you once had for a person who betrayed you

It exists but you try to cram the urges and behaviors down your throat and into your gut

And pray you forget

But it doesn't find your gut

Instead it grows roots around your spine

You want to cut it out but if you do you risk paralysis

Its flowers bloom in your head and suddenly there is no longer your voice but two.

One fights to survive in health

The other thrives on emptiness and pain

There are whole worlds dedicated to help you

in this fight that seems to be in vain

but to accept help is to already admit defeat

But I tell you it's worth it

The tears that feel like they'll never stop eventually do

The craving of the high that numbs you

will be replaced with the need for joy

It is not a journey of comfort

But a journey of freedom

Are you ready?

Tirzah Allen