Polaris by D. A. Rogers

When all of nature is lulled to sleep.

When for a moment we are made still.

By the darkened hours of night,

By winter’s bitter chill.

When that lonely season does all life on Earth subdue.

The long nights of winter alights the stars anew.

An icy halo crowns the moon, who looms as a celestial eye.

Sirius, who shines amid the city lights, returns to the northern sky.

Sirius, who shines the brightest until all the other stars are gone.

Venus, morning star, outlives them all to greet the coming dawn.

Each person is a wandering star,

Sailing on a voyage for which nothing can prepare us.

So, I wish my guide through life could be the star Polaris.

For she is constant and unwavering,

A bearing that erases doubt.

But even she must hide her face when the sun comes out.

Tirzah Allen