New Creep by F. E. George IV

A new goon walks the streets at night,

No… at day as a matter of factuality.

It’s brave, braver than it ought to be,

And its unmatched strength, an actuality.

But no one can agree on its name.

A new creep is becoming all too trite.

It stalks the schools of every locality.

It’s dark, darker than you or me,

And the queen on the hill calls it triviality.

But no one can see it’s the same.

A new foe is playing the game right.

It takes and breaks, makes a new modality.

Its brash, brasher than any of we,

And the dream is to deem it a falsity.

But no one can win at its game.

A new villain is taking flight.

It lies and it sweetens its bitter calamity

Which it sews between you and me

And between everyone at university.

But no one can see it’s not tame.

A new wave is gaining height.

It’s lacking any measure of erudity,

Its ways and manners are base, you’ll see,

And no scrap of knowledge has impunity.

But no one can with this gain fame.

A new strange is growing alright,

It's the cool new trend of ignominy,

It’s book burns, death of words, you’ll agree,

And the whole world follows in complicity.

But no one wants theirs to be its name.

Ignorance is bliss indeed.

Tirzah Allen