Last Thursday, Alberta Street by Nadia Nelson

Greeted by the musical tones

Of a danceable sousaphone

And an instrument I can’t name

’cause I do not know

But whatever it is,

it’s singing to my soul

Man riffin’ on buckets with his sticks

Boom box blasts as break dancers get their kicks

Mini cellist, solo guitarist riffs

Married musicians carry melodies and persist

Punk saxophones, DJ on an ironing board

It’s a musical smorgasbord

Laid back and groovy, singing it to me

Fills my ears with sound diversity


My nose notes the smells

As I breathe in, feeling

I know this scene well

Though I’ve never been

Potpourri of sweet things, enveloping

The scents of incense are beckoning my soul’s reckoning

Food from parked trucks

Dude smells like drugs

Sensory memory inside of me not giving up

Smokey, rainy, barbecue

Taste my savory sandwich as my mouth drools


Soaking in the sights through wide eyes, hypnotized

By dancers and jammers and artists who are pint-sized

Dogs for days

That’s a fact

Some gaze swayed by special hats

Attracted to dissonance

Digging this experience

People of all colors and shapes and sizes

A lot to take in through our eyes!


Feeling the ground with my sore feet

Ignoring the hurt soles as we shuffle up-stream

Rain hits my face and it feels refreshing

Experiencing this place has been a blessing

Tirzah Allen