Hamlet by Nadia Nelson

When you suppress the wild mind

Hide the grief you keep inside

Lose yourself never to find

The you that you once knew


When you die with your dead

Can’t escape the endless dread

Keep the voices in your head

They’re all that’s close to you


Lost so far from the light

Drowning in a sea of cries

Cannot find the reason why

To be or not, to die


Soft, oh still, you’re not alone

Though the devil stole your throne

Look to your left, you know

You’ll find me


You’ll find me, never foe

Never fear the damped row

Mother, father, turned so

Look to your Horatio


Hamlet, why you sulk alone

Sitting on your fearful throne

Look to your left you know,

And find me


You will find me, never fear

Darken shadows in your ear

Lovers, fighters, players so

Look to your Horatio


If never a better friend do find

Then why do you abandon thine?

When you stumble in raged madness

Suffering with yourself


Though you talk inside your head

You are not yet far dead

Join the living hand, take mine

And rest from the stormy filth


Hush, thou wild raging mind

Tempered thoughts that lag behind

Weary, worn, puffy eyes

Find safety within mine


Before seeking sweet revenge

Do not forget your loyal friend

I will tell your story in the end

To earthlings and divines

Please take care and promise me:

No foolish, needless tragedy

Tirzah Allen