Formula for Change by Robin Gordon

When the sensation of discomfort seeps and soaks

D Into every living membrane

With the intention of spring rain

And the mouth begins to fill with saliva,

x Beginning below the tongue,

As if the oral ship has sprung a leak,

When images of what could be pop, flutter, and hover

V Around the mind’s eye

Like late night television in the background

And imagination begins to form

x A palpable vision before and behind the eyes,

Projecting a future into the world– or a world into the future,

When a call to action elicits a fast twitch muscle response,

F The gut flipping and gripping and pushing and shoving

With significance, ready to spill its secrets and truths,

And stillness is no longer an option that the body can abide,

> As the fatiguing will discovers in its quixotic quest

To remain in the same place even as the river roars,

Then knowing and meaning emerge as felt experience,

R Awakening the skin; the back of the head, neck, and spine tingling.

Messages in morse code racing throughout the body read: NOW.

= Resistance surrenders to risk, and the first move is made.

C A radical transformation, moments and millennia in the making, occurs,

Every question answered, and every answer questioned. Welcome to NOW.

The formula for change, as simplified by Kathleen Dannemiller, states that if the product of dissatisfaction (D), vision (V), and the first concrete steps (F) are greater than the resistance against it (R), then change (C) can occur.

Tirzah Allen