Air Mattress by Nadia Nelson

I hit the hay

Lay down to dream

Sinking into my flat air-mattress

Thinking up schemes


Flat-lined fat rhymes are all that come to mind

As my mattress reminds me

It’s only a matter of time

Before I hit the floor


My shoulders are sore

From all the times I roll over

Sleep is rough for my rotator cuff

And the bruise on my rear is probably purple


I’m not complaining

I’ve got a roof

That’s nicer than the

Lives in this city I try to ignore


I’ve got running water and air conditioning

Outside is hotter

And we’ve been conditioned to nag

Until we get our way, but not me


See, I pay to sleep on this floor

Because I got the cash to do so

And a job I love to do, so

I count my blessings as my bruises continue


But maybe I should just sleep on the couch.

Tirzah Allen