11 Days of My Life by Rachel Lynn Taylor

The day I took a plane home from seeing my best friend was the day I got my third tattoo,

The woman next to me complained about my weight,

I wanted to die.

The first time I tried to throw up it was midnight,

My rest of my family was sleeping peacefully,

Thank God for Dairy Queen red spoons with the long handles.

The night my cat died I drank enough vodka for three people,

Alcoholism runs in my family,

My aunt would be proud.

The first time I took the subway it was sweltering out,

I had a panic attack,

Thank God for oversized sunglasses.

At work, I saw a couple kissing,

I wondered if I would ever have that,

I bit my lip till it bled.

Yesterday I voted for a woman,

Seems like it didn’t do any good,

Vodka it is.

Last night I dreamt I looked into the sun,

And drank fuzzy navels,

My tattoos burned.

For Lunch, I vented to a friend,

Racism hurts everyone,

I could hardly breathe.

This evening I ate Chinese food,

With good friends, and lots of laughs,

Cold leftovers are the best.

Tomorrow is Thursday,

A day too close to the weekend,

With people banging their heads against the walls.

I wrote a poem about my life,

A whirlwind of emotion with the range of a fairy,

I decided I wanted to live.

Tirzah Allen