A Note from the Editor: Julianna Edwardson

Did you miss us?

Most of us who are, or have been, involved in the journal over the past several years made peace last spring with the fact that bringing this publication back did not seem possible. Our publication class was taken away, and, with that, our budget to produce hard copy versions of the journal vanished. Rocinante: A Journal of Art and Literature was given one last release party, and then retired.

Then came Tirzah Allen.

She gathered together a small group of raggedy, determined, outspoken individuals who were set on bringing the journal back in whatever medium was possible. Humanities was still loud and present on the Warner Pacific campus. Fast forward around eight months, and here we are today! Although the journal is not in hard copy, we hope that the online version will be more accessible to a wider audience, and still continue to bring joy, laughter, and (good) tears.

As we move forward, the future for Rocinante is wide open, undecided, and bright. It may have a new look, but it is still the same rich journal that we are familiar with. So, grab a drink and settle in. Take your time, and enjoy each piece in its entirety. And now, I present to you, the revived 2017-18 edition of Rocinante: A Journal of Art and Literature.


-- Julianna Edwardson, Rocinante Editor-in-Chief