The Penny by Josiah Hall

I read an article about a rare penny.

It had a small misprint on the face.

The defect was so small that experts had to confirm its authenticity.

The penny sold for $20,000 in an auction.


It makes me wonder what treasures

Have passed through my pockets.

I thought by now I'd have found

Those great elusive riches.


Under the guise of the mundane, 

What fantastic things wait?

Perhaps a faithful new friend,

Or a blessing, just for you.


What a shame and a sight to see,

Missed opportunities,

That biting thought that one life,

Lies out of reach, by your choice.


I bet I could have been rich once.

The other day, I paid for a drink with a handful of quarters.

I could have sworn that George Washington was giving me the finger

On every single one of them.