The Appointment by Ruth Reno

Long-standing from birth you’ve waited for me to meet you.

Though not rushing towards you, I learned of your presence from grandma and mama.

In youth, they taught me to talk with you, fold my hands, thank you for meals,

kneel before bed to pray for people. Never sure you listened, but I prayed.

I wondered if you made the world, who made you, and how could you be with everyone.


In adolescence, I memorized verses, earned a cross, requested desires in a monologue,

and asked you into my heart every chance I got.  I thought I should know you better.

I believed something special existed between us,

but life called as a teen and through my twenties;

I chose to do my own thing with little attention given to you.


I didn’t know you well. How could I? I spoke in monologues to you,

until sins of my youth brought me to your word; your love letter to me,

a discovery that you had always been with me in every detail of my life,

always alongside, whenever I ran about or astray; always constant, like when you were with

Abraham, Joseph, Daniel, Mary, and Ruth….


Now, as I face my mortality, I claim moments of comfortable quiet with you,

God of the Universe, greater than any other. I try to avoid any urgency

that pleads to disrupt our time. I accept your offer of love, grace, peace,

and try, on my part, for trust and obey.  


We meet, you-Holy of holies- and I, whenever I choose, whenever I show up.  

You are there, waiting.  You even seek me out! Then everything orders itself.

Knowing what I know about you now and my experience in your arms of grace,

one would think I’d never miss our appointments.