Shattered by Shawn Wecter

There’s a woman’s face in the mirror

It does not debate or contemplate

It cares not to investigate and

Never learned to invigorate

But instead chooses to hate, instigate

Or outright berate everything I

Refuse to let it confiscate

I’ve known this woman’s face for a long time

I fear one day you’ll see it too


There’s a man’s face in the mirror

It does not smile or view much as

Worthwhile, it’s words rarely carry bile

Or denial, but rather hides

Within the rank and file

This face was cold long before

It was ever old, speaks of dreams

As something bought and sold

I’ve known this man’s face for a long time

I fear one day it will be mine


Sometimes there are many faces in the mirror

Their need is to feed while I bleed

Laugh while I collapse, sneer and cheer

While I huddle in fear I might be

Nowhere near any peace of mind from

The daily grind of searching for something kind

I’ve known too many faces like these

I fear one day one of them will be yours


I’ve never seen my face in the mirror

Is it cruel, does it care

Has it ever left its lair

Maybe it’s here buried somewhere

Dreaming or scheming

Searching for some deeper form of meaning

I can’t imagine a face like that

I hope one day that I can