Lust by Shawn Wecter

It started with a look

A piercing stare, an endless

Sea of promises

A hurricane of emotions

My sweat burns and

The floor freezes

Pandora’s box in a black dress

The ruins of shattered dreams

Cry treason in her heels

She whispers in my ear, a sultry

Venom runs down my neck

A blessed curse beats

In my heart, in this gaping hole

That only tonight’s illusion can fill


A sliver of light defines

The barrier between Olympus

And a landfill

I am panic, frantically tearing

Through every flaw, every physical

Piece of paradise lost

Skip the rough, find the diamond

But before I can start digging

She’s already broken ground

The palm of her hand on my chin

I’m melding into her web

Helpless and desperate, drunk

On her presence and blinded by

Her shimmering darkness

And then we kiss


I can’t feel myself anymore

My name, my home, my life

Emptied of value with the

Spinning hands on the wall

She’s here in my arms, dissolving

The thinning line between pain and pleasure

I feel every sound, breathe in

The echoes of battle

My body is a war zone,

Bruised and bloody

Yet I’m still drunk on her smile

A savage hunger set ablaze

Not yet satisfied

The world begins to blur

Static invades my vision

But I can still see you here with me

And I’m not done dreaming


The silence is deafening

Buried in sheets, struggling to move

The whole of my being paralyzed

I don’t even know if you’re here

Has my miracle flown away?

No, amid uncertainty

And calamity, you’re still here with me

Same piercing smile, calm and satisfied

I meld once more into her web

Let the world’s collide

Hers and mine

Yours and ours