Intentions By Ruth Reno

The best of them didn’t get out of bed like I had proposed.

A William Stafford move to rise early to write didn’t budge,

to eat what’s on my plan, not begin with what’s not,

to spring clean, not be disrupted by summer heat,

to finish reading before overdue notice,

to visit loved ones, not detour to shopping.

Intentions, ah, the best of them:

New mothers of inventions

Creations of excuses,

Don Quixote of dreams,

Ferdinand of flowers;

Intending to…

but geese honk overhead,

text signally message from friend,

moonlight and shadows on the grass,

fading energy,

invite distraction.

Attentions upset intentions

now fleeting like hummingbird sightings

from sunrise to high noon, heading west to setting sun,

through evening,

onto another day…