if i had the guts by Nadia Nelson

Is there ever a wrong reason to love?

If there is, someone tell me quick

Before I’m in over my head

Over heels

Over clouds


Where was I?

I can’t remember.

I looked at you and my mind went blank.


Are we too alike?

They say opposites attract.

If that’s so, then we must be different.


I know what my friends think

I have an inkling of how I feel

But don’t know for sure


All I know is talking to you is my favorite part of the day,

Though it doesn’t happen very much these days.

We’re in different stages of life.


I can’t figure out the color of your eyes…

I hope you don’t mind that I gaze into them until I do.

I don’t want to be creepy,

I just want to know you.


So many questions

I don’t even know your favorite color.

It’s probably blue.



Spirit animal? Favorite place? Favorite food?


I want to know.


Sometimes I wish something would happen, but

What? I don’t know.


I like to think the Universe/God knows what’s up and whatever happens will.



Who knows.


Just let me be in your world





So that’s me.


What about you?