Chapter 1 by Sarah Kudrna

I love you the way I read books

Slow and hungry,

deep and world-building,

getting lost in places I've never been

and finding myself where I least expected.

Always searching for the climax

that part of me hopes never comes,

because that means the end is near. 


You are the letters

that make up the words

that make up one of the greatest pieces of literature I have ever experienced. 


You are the concepts that poets and scholars wax and wane about endlessly - 

you are beauty, grace, kindness, joy, intelligence and above all

you are love.


Not only do I love you,

but you are my definition of love.


You are

the Lockbox where I store my secrets, my dreams, my fears, and my heart

the Opinion that has no place in our relationship because my love for you is not something to disagree with

the Very personification of every dream I had as a child, including the ones I wouldn't dare.

the Everything. Simply put, you are everything.


You are my favorite author

and ours is my favorite story. 

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