immigrant and INTERNATIONAL Student Resources

The department of Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs is intentional in living out the mission to support students from diverse backgrounds.

Message from President Cook

After the recent election and following the inauguration, certain diverse demographics have rightly become concerned about immigration reform and its impact on individuals and families. To be a diverse college is to be in tune with local, state, and federal policies and actions that disproportionately effect diverse individuals and families. I am concerned about some of the proposed and enacted policies, and Warner Pacific College will be a community that will be both informed and ready to speak, when necessary. In light of our current context, W

  • We reaffirm our commitment to inclusion and equity – we will be a place where students are safe and loved

  • We will continue to support DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and undocumented students and employees

  • We will not voluntarily (without a court order) assist the federal government in immigration enforcement. We will support college community members as much as possible, while complying with the law.

  • If an employee or community member is approached by an official seeking information regarding any students, those officials (or for that matter any individual seeking information about a student) should be referred to Tori Comings, Registrar and FERPA Compliance Officer (FERPA – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) – All students information is protected under this Act.

  • Institutions have no obligation to comply with a request by officials or individuals for institutional or student records in the absence of a subpoena or warrant or court order.

  • If officials are seeking information regarding an individual’s immigration status, those officials should be referred to Dale Seipp the College’s Primary Designated School Official (DSO) with the SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Program) which is part of Homeland Security – he will work in conjunction with Tori to determine a response.

  • Additionally, if at any time you are contacted by the Media to comment on a story, or issue, please refer inquiries to Dale Seipp, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing.

  • We will continue to create safe and confidential space for students at risk of being targeted because of their ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual identity.

  • We will walk with you in a way that fiercely protects your ability to flourish here as a student Warner Pacific College.


Know Your Rights Workshops

Through the year, the Know You Rights learning series, hosted by the Student Diversity Council, will be focus on equipping and empowering attendees to advocate for the rights of others by providing basic training to create and sustain positive social change, while creating an inclusive environment.  

Each workshop will begin with updates on any of the changes in national immigration policy.  Topics for the learning series include:  

  • Academic Accommodations

  • American Disabilities Act

  • Domestic Violence

  • Gender Equity

  • Immigration

  • Law enforcement & Policing

If you have questions, or have ideas for topics, contact

Campus Resources

The Caldwell House Counseling Center on campus provides free sessions to students to help with a wide range of needs. To set up an appointment with the counseling center, visit the Student Life office or the Caldwell House to fill out a blue form. A counselor will be in touch to schedule a meeting within 24 hours. For more urgent needs, you may contact Campus Safety or the Residence Life on call number (503)250-1730. If you have a request or need for support for yourself or another student, you may contact Student Life in Smith Hall or visit to share concerns, either named or anonymously. For information on student immigration status (SEVP inquiries) or questions from the media, please contact Dale Seipp, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing.

Jon Sampson- VP of Community Life 

Kyra C. Pappas- Director of Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs 

Dr. Cassie Trentaz- Faculty



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Off Campus Communities

These are communities in the area who have provided support for immigrants and refugees. We encourage all students and families to use this information to make their own decisions about how to best meet their needs. 

18th Avenue Peace House

  • Contact: John Schweibert

  • Phone: 503.281.3697

  • Email:

  • Address: 2116 NE 18th Ave (at Tillamook St) near bus lines #8, 17, 70, and 77

Services: 18th Avenue Peace House has housed those needing refugee and are prepared to provide housing and protection for those needing refuge. They are committed to offering sanctuary in the house to those in immediate danger of deportation. They can offer shelter, companionship, meals at their communal table, and pastoral care.

Ainsworth United Church of Christ

  • []

  • Contact: Katie Dwyer

  • Phone: 503.470.9989

  • Email:

  • Church Address: 2941 NE Ainsworth, Portland, OR 97211

  • Church Phone: 503.284.8767

Services: We have approximately 15 congregants who have expressed an energetic desire to support people through accompaniment, meals, help with transportation, and spending time. Several of these individuals have a degree of Spanish language fluency, and we also have French speakers. Ainsworth is multiracial, multiethnic, and open and affirming to LGBTQ individuals. The members who are particularly interested in supporting our immigrant neighbors include individuals in the 20s-70s, with a variety of availability during daytimes, evenings, and weekends. We are not offering physical sanctuary in the church building at this time, but are supporting other congregations who are doing so, and are happy to connect students with the wider community engaged in these efforts.

Bridgeport United Church of Christ and Congregation Shir Tikvah