things to do in portland

Photo by  Tony Webster

Photo by Tony Webster


Festivals and Celebrations

One of the things we love about Portland is that whatever you’re into, you better believe there’s someone else throwing a party about it. And you’re invited! Jazz? Check. Roses? Yep. Umbrellas? There’s a festival for that. UFOs? Yes. That too. For a comprehensive list of the festivals in our city, click here.

Places to Visit and Things to See

Did you know the largest roller skating rink in America is right here in Oaks Park? Or that just a few minutes away from WPU you can walk through a beautiful 62-acre Catholic Shrine and Garden at the Grotto with views of the Columbia River Valley and a life size marble replica of a statue by Michelangelo? Find out about these and 23 other great things to do in Portland here.