Peer Mentors


What is a Peer Mentor?

Peer Mentors (PM) work in concert with our First Year Learning Communities (FYLC) faculty, and University Mentors (Student Life staff) to create a Warner Pacific University campus synergy! They model academic commitment, leadership ability, and dedication to the kind of learning that WPU encourages! PMs are role models and they also provide a wealth of information regarding campus resources and opportunities.


Support students on their journey

Successful Peer Mentors share meaningful experiences with their student mentees that can help shape their undergraduate experience from academic persistence to relationship development. Our Peer Mentors also demonstrate an ability to think critically as well as respond effectively and timely to a variety of situations.

Peer Mentor Welcome Weekend 18.jpg

Build relationships and much more!

As you can remember, transitioning from high school to the orientation weekend of college can be an intimidating time. When freshmen first move their things into the dorms or step on campus for the first time it can be a real scary time. But our Peer Mentors are poised to serve as a friend and provide a listening ear or help with facilitating strong connections with their peers as well as faculty, and staff.