Parent and Family Orientation

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Parents and families are an integral part of the transition for students at WPU! Although this is an exciting time for our new Knights, we understand parents may still have questions and genuine concerns about how their student will make a successful transition from high school to college.


Our campus offers many new resources for parents.  All students must attend a New Student Orientation/Welcome Weekend before classes start on August 26th.  WPU offers a unique outreach effort that will include quarterly parent informational sessions, newsletters, and a text bulletin or BLTN for daily campus updates. Because we understand the difficulties parents may encounter in getting to campus to attend an information program, the workshops will be filmed and uploaded on our WPU Life page.


Parent and Family Orientation Sessions

Because this time can be both exciting and challenging for the entire family, we offer a corresponding one-day program designed to complement your student's orientation experience. Our Parent Orientation will provide parents and guardians with valuable information that will help you support your student's transition into the Warner Pacific University. Research shows that when family members understand the college experience and resources available on campus to their students and themselves, students are more successful.

Benefits of attending Parent and Family Orientation:

  • Hear from your student’s Student Life staff about the academic expectations and the resources available to support his/her needs.

  • Address timely and relevant questions and concerns.

  • Talk one-on-one with a Student Financial Services counselor about financial aid, tuition, and billing.

  • Understanding where your student will be spending time.

  • Send an important message to your student that you’re supportive in his/her education and want to be involved.

If you have any questions regarding the Parent and Family Orientation or Welcome Week. We would be happy to answer your questions at


Coping with College

The following suggestions will help your student make a successful transition to WPU!

  • Keep conversations positive and upbeat.

  • Ask about campus activities, classes, and extra-curricular involvement—have they made any new friends.

  • Direct your student to their dorm Residential Assistant (RA)--this will be there first line of contact to find their fit on campus. Whether that’s a special interest group, athletics, or a standing activity through our Campus Activities Board (CAB).

  • Encourage your student to stay on campus over the weekend at the beginning of the term, if you are local. Often times, that’s when students take the time to relax and connect with new people.

  •  Send photos, cookies, newspaper clippings, or any little thing from home. Everybody likes to get mail—even generation Z’s and millennial’s.

  • Encourage your student to seek help from our Student Life Resources: Tutoring, Disability Services, counseling, academic advisors, and residence hall staff among other support.

  • Remind your student that remaining in contact with friends at home through social media or regular home visits is important, but so is making new friends and connections on campus.

  • Family dynamics in your home will change with one sibling out of the house.

If there has been a crisis at home or in your hometown, please give our professional staff a call before in advance or encourage your student to connect with our Counseling Center professionals. We want to be better prepared to help your student address the crisis and develop a personal strategy.

Refrain from discussing family financial issues with your son or daughter. Always call our professional staff with any concerns at 503-517-1119 or counseling



Academic Success

Encourage your student to attend all classes. Their textbooks will be available in their dorm rooms if they will be residential students and if they are commuter’s books will be available in the dining hall during Welcome Weekend.

Major distractions for student come from Facebook, friends, and the Internet. Talk with them about self-discipline in these areas.

Time management is critical to succeeding in college. Make sure your son or daughter has a planner or digital device that has a calendar feature.

Remind your son or daughter that asking for help does not show weakness. It shows a level of maturity and a desire to succeed. Talking with professors is one of the best strategies to better understanding classroom assignment concerns.

Talk with your son or daughter about future plans. Help your student to see themselves in their career. What is your purpose in life make sure that they complete the Strengths Finder assessment. This will be issued in September during there FYLC course.  

Frequently Asked Questions

 Should I come to New Student Orientation?

Yes!  We would love to have you and any other people who support your student attend the first part of orientation.  During fall New Student Orientation at Warner Pacific University families are encouraged to attend on the first day to assist with move-in and to attend a few events to get all of your questions answered.  After the first day, students will be on their own in small groups of about 20 of their peers, led by an upper class current student.


  • How will my freshman student get into their classes?

  • How does my freshman or transfer student access MyWPU and Moodle?

  • When will my student speak with an advisor?

  • Can my student move into their residence hall room early?

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