Want to Lead?

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WPU Student Leadership

We believe everyone is and can be a leader at Warner, but we want YOU to join the official student leadership teams!

What is WPU Student Leadership?

Student Leadership are the 7 different teams that host various programs on campus! As a student leader, you help to create an inclusive campus environment through different programs. Everything from movie nights, baking contests, small group discussion, and large performances, you help to create a campus based on what your peers want!

Who should apply to be in WPU Student Leadership?

All students are welcome to apply! Which means you! There are a few grade and time requirements. To be in ASPWU, you must have a 2.75 GPA and to be a Peer Mentor, a 3.0 GPA is required. You also need to be a full time student (12 credits each semester you are on leadership). You also will need to have a schedule that allows you to attend team meets, and LEAD meetings each week, along with planning and hosting programs.