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WPU Student Leader Information

As a student leader, you will have several forms to complete to help create awareness of programs happening.

On this page, you will programming forms and due dates, evaluation forms, and weekly reports, along with updates from Student Senate and monthly LEAD meetings.


Programming forms are due on the 25 of the month prior to your programming. The programs will only be uploaded to the community calendar after submission and upon approval of the programming form. Please have your marketing piece for your program uploaded to the Google programming form.

Be sure to submit your marketing material 3 weeks ahead of time to the marketing department by completing a marketing ticket.

Program evaluation forms must be completed with in 7 days of program.

Weekly reports are required from all student leaders. These will help with summaries and updates in team meetings, along with providing an “at-a-glance” picture of the campus culture.

Monthly Team reports are due the 25 of each month and will be presented at the WPU Student Leader (LEAD) Monthly Meetings. Be prepared to share highlights from the month, the aspect of student leadership that your team focused on the previous month, ways that the other teams can support your team, and how your team can support others.